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About Key
From: japan locksmith    Write: KEYMAM     Date: 2008/1/17 19:23:54    Hits: 2922

About Key(s)

Keys have been developed throughout the centuries,and they are still improving day by day. As the oldest known key, Egyptian key was estimated to be even 2,000 years old.The history of keys probably started around The Mediterranean Sea area.

It was said that Luis 16th loved to make keys and locks for his hobby.

In the 19th century,the first cylindrical pin-tumbler lock was invented in America. This is the most common lock mechanism now.Dimple key which becomes very popular recently is also adapted the same mechanism.

Today we use keys for buildings,safes,suitcases,desks,bags,automobiles,mortar cycles,bicycles,and so on. A key is the necessary item of our daily life today.

As developing high security lock has been urgent issue in recent years,increasing the key quality is also necessary.