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General Questions
1. Is KEYMAM wholesale or retail?

We offer wholesale prices at quantity levels. The more you buy, the better the prices. We believe that:

Value = good quality + a good price.

While no company can be the lowest on everything it offers, we are lower than the vast majority of companies that we have compared. This includes companies that sell"wholesale" and companies that have "retail/wholesale/distributor" pricing. We invite you to compare our prices and our quality. We feel that you will find us on the top of your list for companies with which you want to do business.

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2. If I have questions about my order, what can I do?

If you have questions about your order, or require more information, please contact our Customer Service Department at CTRLCOPY@TOM.COM . Be sure to reference your order number or confirmation number. If you are inquiring about a subscription service, e-mail CTRLCOPY@TOM.COM .

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3. What is a 'transponder key"?

Transponder key is preaty much like a radio transmitter. 

If your looking for a great deal on keys for your car or truck then you have found it!
A transponder is short for: transmitter + responder. The word was invented around 1944.In basic terms a transponder is a miniaturized electronic chip that has what is called nonvolatilememory. Nonvolatile memory is the type of memory that does not need constant energy for retention. Along with that electronic chip is a set of windings, very fine wire coiled around a tube.These windings look similar to the windings you would find in a electric motor.There are two basic types of transponders. The first are the Electric Coupled Transponder systems. Electric coupled transponder systems are not limited to small areas for transmission but can transmit messages or signals for different ranges of distance including several inches to miles, as used in Satellites and Airplanes. These systems require large amounts of constant electricity to operate.

The second type is what automobile manufacturer’s are using and they are called Magnetic Coupled Transponder systems. Magnetic Coupled Transponder systems are passive in nature. This means they do not require constant electricity and thus do not need a power source
of their own. They operate in the frequency range area of 125KHz. Since Magnetic Coupled Transponders do not have their own power source they are very limited to range of communication and generally operate in the range of 1cm to 15cm. Since this is a radio frequency it can
penetrate materials that would make the transponder not directly visible, such as the plastic or rubber in the bow of a key.

The process of key identification is similar in most automotive transponder systems. Once a key is inserted into the ignition lock and turned to one of the ‘on’ or ‘run’ positions, the induction coil that is mounted around the ignition lock sends out an electromagnet field of energy. The windings in the transponder chip absorb that energy and power the electronic chip to emit a signal. The signal is usually an alphanumeric set of digits which is considered the Identification  Code. The induction coil reads the signal and sends it to some type of computer device to recognize the signal. If the signal is recognized as being already in the computer’s memory the signal is accepted and other electronic components in the vehicle are set into motion to allow the starting of the vehicle or the continuation of the engine running.

Transponders can be made into several different shapes and sizes and can be used in many different types of applications such as: warehouse pallets, retail clothing, animal management, and of course electronic automobile key identification.
Transponder Technology

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4. Not Receiving Replies?

If you have used our forms to contact us in the past but have not received a reply, your ISP or e-mail client may be blocking e-mail from If you suspect this is happening, please consult the help section of your e-mail program to see how to relax or remove the settings that filter or block mail. Once you've established that you should be able to receive mail from us, please contact us again with your question.

Want to check if your ISP or e-mail client is blocking mail from Try subscribing for a Special Occasion Reminder. If you don't receive it on the date you specify, you will know that messages from are being blocked or deleted automatically.

You can try to send E-mail to our Hotmail E-mail box , our Hotmail E-mail is write on Contact Us page .

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