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10 самых распространенных вопросов
1. Our Shipping Methods & Policies

Our Shipping Methods & Policies:

Most orders leave our warehouse within 1~3  business day, unless the items you ordered are back-ordered. The delivery time after it leaves our warehouse depends on the delivery method you select. All delivery methods available for your order are displayed when you click the drop-down list on our checkout page. The lowest cost methods appear at the top of the list. Here is some information to help you select the method that's best for you. Click a delivery method to see details:

Air Mail  Small  Packet   (based 6$ ship to all over the world)

DHL Global service


Air Mail  Small  Packet:

This shipping method is available to shipments of All over the world. The limited is the product is weight less than 1.80kg,if your order is key blanks ,and you don't want to pay expensive Global shipping cost ,then use this way is the best choice ,the shipping cost is frist 100g 6$ ,and add each 100g add only 1$ .each key blanks is only 30g .Tracking numbers are emailed to you the day your order ships. You can enter the tracking number at, but with US Postal shipments the tracking number only reports when the shipment is delivered and does not provide any tracking information while in transit because the package is not scanned at any distribution facilities. Delivery times are not guaranteed, but it is always use 12~ 20days to your country .Customer from USA can tracking this packet on ,ship to USA is 12 days , customer from other country can tracking on CHINA POST website .

DHL Global service :

This service offers guaranteed delivery to all over the world. If your package is not delivered ,The DHL will hold it at DHL office and try best to contact with you ,until you are pick it up .Most orders ship within 2  business day. However, orders placed at Friday after noon will be shipped at sunday.Because the DHL in my city is not work at saturday . Orders for items not in stock will ship when the item becomes available to ship. Delivery times are not guaranteed during the Christmas season. Packages are handled by DHL all the way from our warehouse to your address.

Tracking: The package is tracked by DHL all the way from beginning to end and at every point in between. If your package has already shipped, you can track it now by clicking here. From the time the package leaves our warehouse, it takes about 24 hours before it is trackable online. Your tracking number is automatically emailed to you the same day your order ships. All shipment tracking numbers are also available on our website by logging into your account and checking your order status.

Benefits: The benefits of using DHL Global service is that your delivery time is guaranteed . In many cases, packages are delivered in less than 7 business days. If no one answers at your address when DHL attempts to deliver your package, they will call you ,and arrange time to deliver it again , If your phone number not available , they will send information to sender via sender's city DHL office . This allows your package to get delivered faster. If you prefer to have the driver deliver only when someone is available to receive it, then just add that note to your order in the comments section on our checkout page. Please note delivery times are not guaranteed during the Christmas season.

Availability: This service is available to All over the world. The package arrive your city always with in 7 days,Aisa with in 3 days.USA with in 5~6 days,Europe county with in 7~10 days. This service only delivers to street addresses, not to PO Boxes. There is no weight limit for orders shipped by DHL Global service. Packages are picked up and delivered only on normal business days and sunday afternoon , not on saturday. If your delivery has to be there fast,then DHL Global service is the best choice. If there are any problems with the delivery of your order, please contact us. We will resolve your problem and work with DHL to get your package delivered. And you can contact contact DHL directly use your tracking number. The internet tracking website is


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2. Not Receiving Replies?

If you have used our forms to contact us in the past but have not received a reply, your ISP or e-mail client may be blocking e-mail from If you suspect this is happening, please consult the help section of your e-mail program to see how to relax or remove the settings that filter or block mail. Once you've established that you should be able to receive mail from us, please contact us again with your question.

Want to check if your ISP or e-mail client is blocking mail from Try subscribing for a Special Occasion Reminder. If you don't receive it on the date you specify, you will know that messages from are being blocked or deleted automatically.

You can try to send E-mail to our Hotmail E-mail box , our Hotmail E-mail is write on Contact Us page .

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3. Payment Options
Payment Options 
We accept visa, we accept WESTERNUNION, we accept Bank Account Wire Transfer (T/T).

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4. Shipping & Returns

Shipping & Returns

Orders placed Monday through Friday will usually ship At the second business day. All other orders will be held until the following business day. Any products that are currently back ordered will be shipped within 1-4 business days, but may be delayed up to one week.

We offer shipping via DHL and the Airmail small packet to all over the world. Once your order has left our warehouse, you will receive an e-mail including an official tracking number.

Returns may be made for products, providing that they have not been used or opened. If you mistakenly order the wrong product, we will gladly refund your money less the cost of shipping and a 30% restocking fee. It is the responsibility of the buyer to pay all shipping costs to safely transport the items back to us. Once we receive the products, we will initiate the refund.

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5. Catalog Orders

Catalog Orders

If you have a Fire Mountain Gems catalog in hand, and would like a quick and easy way to place your order by catalog order number, click the Catalog Ordering link above for Catalog  Ordering. You won't believe how easy it is.

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6. If I have questions about my order, what can I do?

If you have questions about your order, or require more information, please contact our Customer Service Department at CTRLCOPY@TOM.COM . Be sure to reference your order number or confirmation number. If you are inquiring about a subscription service, e-mail CTRLCOPY@TOM.COM .

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7. Is KEYMAM wholesale or retail?

We offer wholesale prices at quantity levels. The more you buy, the better the prices. We believe that:

Value = good quality + a good price.

While no company can be the lowest on everything it offers, we are lower than the vast majority of companies that we have compared. This includes companies that sell"wholesale" and companies that have "retail/wholesale/distributor" pricing. We invite you to compare our prices and our quality. We feel that you will find us on the top of your list for companies with which you want to do business.

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