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How to tracking your order ?
From: keymam    Write: keymam     Date: 2011/3/13 10:48:09    Hits: 24183

International Express:


UPS:  (Please input tracking number at shipment reference blank)



Air mail :(about the air mail , you can tracking on CHINA POST web , if the packet have been arrived your country then you can tracking on your country post office web site too)
The tracking number is like this: RR625585450CN 
[this Air mail send to USA,Inside China we send via CHINA POST,we can track or CHINA POST,after the packet is arrived USA,customer can track it on USPS web. ]

CHINA POST:  (PS:About 15~20 business days) 

USPS: (PS:USPS to USA is about 15 days)

Brasil POST :

Canada POST :

Spain POST :

Swiss POST :

New zealand :

UK Royal mail:

[If your country post office website not support air mail tracking , then you can tracking on CHINA POST web too]

This is a web link for air mail order tracking :